What is the best internet connection type for my business?

The current national rollout of the National Broadband Network has been well publicised, however there is still a lot of misconception about how it actually works and what it can provide for businesses.  At this point in time the NBN does not meet the needs of many businesses due to the rollout either not being completed in their area or for the fact that it is does not offer guaranteed speeds. There are a few different choices for internet delivery to a site so If you are a business looking for the best internet connection for your specific address the best thing to do is to contact an Optus Business Specialist who can check what services are available to you.

ADSL Broadband

It’s simply internet over a phone line. Unlimited ADSL broadband means all the emails, browsing your business can handle.  Speed is nor guaranteed and will vary from time to time.

NBN Broadband

If available in your area the NBN will generally provide much better speeds than ADSL but it is important to note that the speeds are not guaranteed.  An excellent option though for small businesses.

Cable Broadband

Unlimited cable broadband means you can get as much work done as your business can handle.  Cable broadband will generally offer better speeds and reliability than ADSL.

Optus Evolve

If you’re looking for fast, reliable Internet connectivity for your sites, Optus Evolve Internet is a comprehensive package designed for organisations of all sizes. This is a business grade service which offers guaranteed speeds and performance.


Optic fibre internet connections are extremely fast and robust but usually the more expensive of the options available.  Also depending on your location there may be a cost to connect to the nearest fibre point.  These connections also offer guaranteed speeds and performance and are usually the choice of larger businesses that rely heavily on internet access to operate.

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