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High-quality tailored office solutions for small to medium businesses using professional standard Optus and Mitel Technology.

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Products like Optus Loop and Mitel’s UCC Solutions are the perfect way to integrate your desk phones with your calendar, customer database, mobile phone, and more. Integrating your business communication and processes with Unified Communications can boost your office productivity by up to 25%. Get in touch with us to find out how you can install Unified Communications in your business within the time it takes to read your old phone bill.

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Office Phone Lines

We offer phone line systems powered by Optus that suit all business sizes, including EvolveVoice, Multiline and Directline. All our phone lines are NBN compatible, and will replace some of the older ISDN services.

Unsure what would suit your business? Request a tailored quote and our Specialist will help you figure it out. 

Optus Evolve Voice

Designed for small business.

Optus Evolve Voice is a SIP trunking telephony service which connects your IP PBX to the public telephone network, over a single IP connection. This simplifies the network and allows for greater flexibility and scalability.

Optus Evolve Voice uses an advanced network so, if you wish, you can simplify your network even further by converging your voice and data traffic on a single connection.  This is an excellent option for larger businesses.

Optus Evolve DirectLine

Ideal for small businesses, site offices or micro branches

PSTN lines are currently being phased out and replaced by NBN services.The Optus Evolve Directline will replace your business’ current PSTN system. PSTN were the first type of phone line introduced in Australia and the technology is very basic and features rather limited. Ideal for small businesses, site offices or micro branches, DirectLine is a simple and flexible way to manage calls and is backed by 24/7 business support.

  • A range of hunt group options to distribute incoming calls effectively
  • Call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail and calling number display
  • Call barring such as restricting employee access to expensive call types
  • Number only diversions to redirect regional or local calls to your main office
  • Conference Calling capabilities between three and six parties
  • Short Code/speed dialling

Optus MultiLine

Suitable for advanced large businesses.

Digital lines, often referred to as Multiline or ISDN2/ISDN10, are a better quality and more highly featured type of voice service. Optus MultiLine is ideal for larger businesses, and your budget will go further with unlimited standard calls to most Australian numbers.

Features multi-site capability and Elite emergency call diversion.

All of our phone systems are NBN compatible.

Office Phone Systems

It is important to choose the right phone system for your business to ensure you get access to the functionality you require and at a cost that fits your budget.  Before rushing into purchasing a new system you should take the time to meet with an expert who can educate you on modern features and determine your specific needs.

Onehub has partnered with Optus to bring you complete systems and end to end support with our Fixed Specialist.

Unsure what would suit your business? Fill out the contact form to the right and our Specialist will help you figure it out.

NEC Phone System

Designed for small business.

NEC’s SL2100 communications solution is highly cost effective because there are more features built-in, like VoIP capabilities or a complete Unified Communications (UC) client available right form your web browser, it puts UC within reach of small business. It allows your business the ability to pair your desk phone with your mobile, and a mobile client for your smartphone. The SL2100 comes packed with features and because they run on the system, there is no need to purchase additional PCs/servers. The SL2100 is built with small business in mind and can be utilised by the whole organisation.

Key benefits:

  • Powerful communications with a small business price tag.
  • Delivers an integrated Unified Communications solution that enhances your organisation’s productivity and collaboration.
  • Allows you to hold multi-party audio and web based conferences with staff, partners and customers.
  • Scales as your business grows.
  • Intuitive applications and features that are easy to use.
  • Toll fraud guard helps protect you from unauthorised access to your system that could result in large phone bills.

Our Business Specialists can talk you through NEC’s range of options and features available for customization.

Ericsson + LG Phone System

Ideal for small businesses, site offices or micro branches

Your mobility solution for in the office and on the go, the iPECS SBG 1000 is a truly converged, NBN-ready communication which integrates your IP telephony, data networking, wireless, security and IT needs in a single unit. With a range of customisable options and features, this system delivers you the advanced communications capabilities of a larger enterprise.

Key benefits:

  • An all-in-one solution for voice, data, security and IT services reduces the hassle of managing multiple suppliers, while expanding cost effectiveness.
  • A single unit includes value-added apps like Smartphone Client, PC-based Attendant Console, Softphone for PC and PDA, and IP Call Recording.
  • With a range of optional features designed for improved experiences, the iPECS SBG 1000 can enhance both employee productivity and customer loyalty.
  • Simplified network management and administration – across local and remote locations via a simple user interface – means you have time on your hands.

AVAYA Phone System

Suitable for all business sizes.

With Avaya IP Office, you’ve invested in a solution that cost-effectively grows with you, offering a wealth of applications from basic telephony and sophisticated video conferencing, to mobility extras and call centre capacity, while saving you multiple service provider fees.

Key benefits:

  • Wherever you take your business, IP Office will go there with you – from five users to 1,000, from a single site to 32 networked locations.
  • Two 64-party conference bridges will really get people talking, with included automatic calling and call recording, plus inbuilt mobile and desktop video.
  • Enjoy flexible mobility – receive calls to your office phone on any device, and log on to any IP desk phone in your network to access your extension.
  • Locate and reach the right people. Tap your smartphone to let colleagues know you’re available, and receive staff presence status updates.