Optus is Number 1 in Satellite

Optus Satellite is Australia’s leading satellite provider. With the largest fleet of satellites in Australia and New Zealand, Optus can keep you connected with coverage across 100% of Australia. Optus has a range of satellite solutions which can provide you with voice and data connectivity, broadcast services and communication access for international businesses.


When it comes to communication in remote areas, the Optus network talks.

Optus has the largest fleet of domestic satellites in the Australia and New Zealand region. Optus offers a broad range of satellite solutions to enable you to operate on land, at sea or in remote areas.



Get unlimited business broadband, anywhere in Australia.

With 100% coverage across all of Australia, SatBroadband Pro is available to business customers no matter where you are located, even where DSL, fibre or cable lines can’t reach. With no data limits and business-grade performance, Optus Satellite has the right solution for your business needs.

Booking an appointment with one of our Optus Business Centre Consultants or IT Consultants is easy! Allow us to provide an obligation free audit and show you the many ways we can improve your business productivity or lower your operating costs.

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